Case Studies

Rat Control at a farm in Stokesley

We have recently being dealing with a large rat infestation at a farm just outside Stokesley.

 A tenant at the farm keeps chickens and an abundance of food being left for these has caused the rat problem to multiply at a rapid rate.

With so many food sources available to the rats, simply placing poision in boxes at suitable locations was never going to get the problem under control.


Mice Problem in a home

We were called to an on going mouse problem within a home address in Acklam, Middlesbrough TS5

The home owner had tried various shop bought remedies, she had caught mice on snap traps and had poision eaten. After spending alot of money without sucessfully dealing with the problem she decided to call Kill Line. 

It was obvious to us that the mouse problem was originating in a different area, and she was simply seeing a small sample of the true mouse population. That is why she was catching and killing mice but never stopping them from reappearing.

Wasp Problem in Acklam

We were called to a lovely residential home in Acklam, the owner had a wasp nest under his roof tiles. He had a daughter who was allergic to wasp and bees sings and very rightly worried about her becoming ill if she was stung.

The wasps had built their nest in a hard to reach place and were very aggresive. 

A typical rat problem on a local farm that has gotten out of hand

We were asked to look at a farm's rat problem, as the rat numbers had noticably increased over the unseasonably warm winter we have had.

In order for the farmer to keep his farm assured status, which he would have lost had he not dealt with the problem, the rat problem had to be dealt with quickly. The previous pest control company had put bait stations around the farm but the rats were not using them and as a result their number had inceased to an unmanagable number.

There were rat burrows seen throughout the farm but worringly they had moved into the farmers garden, around his house and rats were now being heard living in the cavity wall and attic of his home.

With a large number of outbuildings giving them lots of places to live and numerous food sources, a creative solution had to be found.

Commercial Shop with a mouse problem.

We were asked to help with a mouse/mice problem within a commercial shop selling food stuff, toiletries and other home essentials. The shop keeper had tried to get rid of the mice with shop bought products and although they had been eating the poison bait that he had placed down, he still could not get rid of them.

Mice are programmed to not stop still, even if they have found a suitable food source. Their self preservation instincts keep them moving in order to stop potential predators eating them. This means that they often eat a small amount of one product before moving onto another. Clearly in the store room of this shop they had caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage. They had soiled on top of food items, shelving and flooring with droppings and urine and needed dealing with in a fast efficent way. 

In a store room with numerous food stuffs that reasonably we could not expect to get emptied, its important to know how to deal with this problem before more financial loss is accumulated by the owner.

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