Shop/Convenience Store in Stockton

Pest Problem:



We first quickly found where the mice were gaining entry. There were a number of areas where bricks and become dislodged and other small crevices were allowing the mice access to the store room. It also allowed them a safe, dry place to harbour/hide when staff entered.

These holes had bait placed down them and were blocked. Doing this meant it was now harder for mice to gain access, protecting the owners stock but also providing them with a safe place to eat so that they would consume bait faster and in greater quantities, the mice will find thispoison bait before they reached the expensive stock.

Mice are masters at gaining entry to premises and although we had stopped the mice from using the major entry points, it is difficult to fully proof the room due to the nature of the brick work. We therefore laid numerous different bait stations around the area. This means that the mice can comfortably move from one bait station to another increasing their uptake in bait, dealing with them faster.

This problem had been going on for several weeks before we arrived and caused a large financial loss to the owner. We had the problem under control within a few days and totally erradicated the mice within 10 days.

Simply placing bait down is often not enough to get rid of mice. You need to know how much to place down, where to place it and how many different bait stations will be needed. knowing how to spot the areas were mice are liable to gain entry and proofing these areas will help tackle the problem far faster then simply relying upon bait.

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