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Durham Pest Control

Kill Line is a leading Durham Pest Control business. We offer pest control of wasps, bees, rodents and insects just to name a few. We offer free appraisals and quotes and aim to have jobs complete within 24 hours. 

Our team of staff has a wealth of expertise, operating as a family-controlled pest control business throughout the North East of England, with a strong presence in Durham.

As a leading Durham pest control agency, we offer control & extermination of pest infestations and build ups in an ethical, responsible manner. We also offer advice to help prevent reoccurrence problems.

Our Durham Pest Control Services:

Our Durham pest control team are all fully qualified and trained experts in a variety of pest control and extermination services. Our Durham team can carry out commercial or residential pest problems, of any size.

We take an ethical and responsible approach to our pest control. At Kill Line Pest Control we aim to support the environment and carry out control of infestations in the most humane way possible.

No matter what size of infestation we’re dealing with, we pride ourself on offering all clients the same level of care and attention to detail and do everything needed to eliminate the infestation and control the problem going forward.

Our Pest Control In Durham Covers The Following Problems:

Mice & Rat Control In Durham

Mice & Rat infestations can cause major problems for both commercial and residential properties in the UK. Dealing with rats & mice is the major cause of concern for our Durham Pest Control agents.

Mice & Rats are known to cause major problems and damage to households. Damage is generally caused by rodents gnawing through electrical wiring, causing problems to household electricity and creating safety hazards. They can easily ruin a cupboard or fridge full of food in just a short space of time too.

We offer rapid wasp control in Durham, aiming to deal with your problem within 24 hours.

Insect Control Durham

Kill Line Pest Control has a wealth of experience treating insect infestations throughout Durham. Flies, ants, cockroaches beetles etc can cause big problems for any kinds of properties. Whether this is commercial or residential. Left untreated these infestations can quickly get out of hand and spread.

Insect problems can cause damage to property, become a fire risk, as well as contaminating food and making occupants ill.

Our Durham insect exterminators will be able to deal with your problem in a very quick and efficient manner.

Bee Control & Exterminators Durham

There are numerous different bee species all across the UK. The most common kinds of bee's you're likely to encounter are the honey bee or the bumblebee. These live socially in hives. These hives are made up of a queen bee, female workers and male drones.

Bees are not as aggressive as wasps, however, they can cause major problems for homeowners or business owners if left untreated. Beehives and bee infestations are very off-putting for customers coming into a commercial property, as well as dangerous for anyone in commercial or residential properties.

Get Your Pest Control Quote

Kill Line Pest Control prides itself on offering a top quality service at a fair price. To provide you with an accurate, fair price, we will send a member of our surveyance team to inspect your property. We carry out a full assessment of your infestation problem to know the exact extent of your pest problem.

From here, we will recommend the optimal treatment to solve your pest problem.

We do not charge for this assessment, and all of our quotes are no obligation and free of charge.

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