mice control north east


Mice are very intelligent animals who can communicate with one another very vocally. They also have excellent sensory processing for other mice’s feelings. Female mice are known for reproducing very quickly, they are only pregnant for 21 days and can have up to eight litters a year!


As the cooler months approach, mice look for a warmer place to nest over the winter, such as your home. They are usually attracted by the smell of food and can enter a home through various openings such as pipe openings and under door cracks. During the summer mice live in grassy areas and fields.



In order to determine whether you have mice in your home, you should be looking out for one or more of these signs:

  • Droppings – If you spot any droppings in your home especially in the kitchen, contact Kill Line who are experts in dealing with mouse problems in the North East.
  • Footprints – Look out for any dirt or dusty footprints across your floors and carpet, mice can live under floorboards which is a major dust collecting area in homes.
  • Sounds – Usually mice will explore your home at night or when it’s quiet during the day. Listen out for any out of the ordinary noises such as small claws running across your floor or squeaks.
  • Chewing & Knawing – Mice will chew on almost anything so look out for chewing and knowing marks on your skirting boards or furniture.
  • Smells – Mice tend to urinate and leave their droppings as they walk which increases the risk of transferring diseases to humans, if you smell a strange odour, call Kill Line today for an expert opinion.
  • Tunnels & Burrows – If you spot any small holes in your wall or burrows in your garden, test to see if it’s mice by placing some food out on an evening. If it’s disappeared by the morning you will need to bring in pest control specialists, such as Kill Line.
  • A Mouse – this may sound pretty obvious but once you spot one, it’s more than likely that there is many more as the female mice reproduce quickly.


If you suspect you have a mouse problem in your home, we offer a monitoring, proofing and pest infestation control service through traditional trapping services or up to date baiting control used in a responsible and efficient manner.  

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