Wasp control North East


Wasps are from the hymenoptra family along with bees and ants, there are numerous wasp types that exist in the British Isles, but most live alone. There are certain types which habituate in a communal nest, which are often the kinds which cause pest control issues in both commercial and domestic environments. These include the Common Wasp and the German Wasp.

Nests are generally built from paper, and a single large wasp’s nest can hold thousands of individual occupants.  


Wasps are widely known for their ability to sting anyone or anything that they believe is a danger to themselves or their nest. Certain people are susceptible to Anaphylactic shock when stung, which has the potential to be fatal. Treating a nest will agitate the colony (especially if not preformed correctly) So in order to reduce the chance of being stung we will always try to treat your wasp nest first thing in the morning or last thing at night when their activity is at its least. This reduces the chance of anyone being stung. Your safety is our priority.


At the start of the summer, wasp’s nests are generally small. However, wasps reproduce quickly and rapidly increase the size of their nest to accommodate the new numbers.

If you see a small wasps nest, it’s best to contact pest control professionals like Kill Line immediately before it grows and becomes more difficult to manage.

Wasp’s nests generally occur in hard to reach or access locations. Kill Line have special equipment which can reach the eaves of your home or property, and to bridge across difficult and dangerous terrain.


Wasps abandon their nests each year and construct new ones in the spring, often very close to the original. It’s essential to consult pest control services in your area (Kill Line offer wasp removal in Middlesbrough, Newcastle, and other North East locations) and to remain vigilant against reinfestation.



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